Asset Management

Maintenance is hot in all industries! GMP environments, such as the (Bio-) Pharmaceutical and High-End Food industry, require a high quality level for all processes that could affect the health of the patient. In the Oil, Gas & Chemicals industry the main focus is compliance with environmental and safety standards. Preventive maintenance is the key to maintaining the validated status of equipment and systems.

For the (Bio-) Pharmaceutical industry the principles of asset management fit in the life cycle approach to validation. Often there is a gap between C&Q and the total life cycle of the system and/or equipment. Asset Management gives the client the possibility to remain in a state of control during the (asset) life cycle of equipment and/or systems until retirement. Over the years Adryan Consultants has obtained extensive expertise in the field of maintenance management for the life sciences.

For the Oil, Gas & Chemicals industry it is important to provide visibility into assets and field equipment. Adryan Consultants helps oil, gas & chemicals companies and refineries to maximize return on assets. Process harmonization improves operational efficiency, while optimizing utilization of assets and reducing maintenance costs.

With our Asset Management service we can assist you in maintaining the full life cycle of systems, equipment and facilities, helping you to keep your facilities fit for purpose in a cost-effective way. This results in the following advantages:

  • A clear structure is realized in the control of resources
  • Enhancement of the maturity of asset management processes is achieved
  • Process optimization is obtained
  • Potential failures and maintenance requirements are identified by using predictive analytics and decision trees
  • Cost reduction
  • Improvement in corporate image.