Richard Laroes

Richard Laroes is a Senior Project Manager at Adryan Consultants.

While working as an expert at Adryan Consultants you can apply your knowledge and experience for the benefit of the customers. At the same time you're able to enhance your own experience and skills. That's the exciting thing about being a consultant.

Richard Laroes

Richard is an experienced Senior Project Manager with additional expertise in the areas of Project Management and GMP regulation within the Pharmaceutical industry.

In addition to a degree in Biochemistry, he completed his MBA with a focus on Project Management. After working in different roles such as Team leader, Validation Engineer, PMO & Portfolio Manager and Project Manager he is now working as a Senior Project Manager at Adryan Consultants.

He has a pragmatic attitude, likes to take initiative, is highly conscious about quality and is always focusing on the needs of our customers. Richard is at his best in an environment that, like himself, works pragmatically. Until now he has worked as a Project Manager on many projects, smaller and several larger ones.

At the moment Richard is also member of the Management Advisory Board of Adryan Consultants.


Examples of the expertise of Richard Laroes and other Adryan Consultant Project Managers:

  • Project Management
  • GMP
  • MBA
  • Prince2
  • Compliance & Validation.