Marjoleine Lucassen

Marjoleine Lucassen is a Process Lead / Process Transfer Engineer at Adryan Consultants.

For me working at Adryan Consultants means working at a well-organized company in a comfortable atmosphere and being part of an enthusiastic team of professionals.

Marjoleine Lucassen

After high school Marjoleine studied Pharmacy. After two years she switched to the HLO (Hoger Laboratorium Onderwijs), a more practical education related to medical laboratory research. She started working in basic research, trying to unravel the mechanisms that lead to (autoimmune) diseases. From fundamental research, she switched to more applied research and ultimately to the late stage development and commercialization of sterile biotechnological products. The main area of Marjoleine’s projects is the coordination of activities needed to scale-up process steps and technology transfer in order to implement production processes at commercial scale.

What particularly matters to Marjoleine is to work with the various disciplines within the Pharmaceutical industry, in order to develop a robust production process and to bring a safe medicine of good quality to the market.

Her strength is the coordination of activities within a project team and the interaction with the various departments involved. Her result-oriented approach and perseverance ensure that assignments are carried out within the time frames set and with attention to detail.


Examples of the expertise of Marjoleine Lucassen and other Adryan Consultant Process Leads / Process Transfer Engineers:

  • Technology Transfer (Process)
  • Pharmaceutical industry and Biotechnology
  • GDP, GMP
  • CTD module 3 Quality (CMC)
  • Change control and deviations (Trackwise).