Jeroen Jansen

Jeroen Jansen is a Senior Asset Engineer / Project Engineer at Adryan Consultants.

I enjoy working for Adryan Consultants. My co-workers are experts from many different fields who, as colleagues, are always willing to help me to improve myself in service of our customers.

Jeroen Jansen

After completing his Chemical Technology study in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, Jeroen started as a Process Engineer in the Coating Industry. He supported the R&D department in upscaling new products and optimizing the production processes.

In 2003 Jeroen started working in the Pharmaceutical Industry, first at Janssen Pharmaceuticals (formerly known as Centocor) in Leiden, The Netherlands, as a Pharmaceutical Engineer and subsequently as a consultant at various hospitals and pharmacies.

For over 10 years Jeroen has been working as an all-round consultant, fulfilling various roles in supporting the customers. As a Project Engineer Jeroen has experience in the optimization of wash areas, including installation and validation of washer equipment and standardization and optimization of CIP processes. As a Validation Engineer he has worked on the qualification of packaging and filling systems and the commissioning of hot laboratories (a room for working with high-activity radioactive compounds). Jeroen also has experience as a Process and Equipment Engineer, relating to the optimization of CIP, WFI and HPW installations. As a Maintenance Engineer he has been involved in optimization of maintenance policies and maintenance plans for process equipment.


Examples of the expertise of Jeroen Jansen and other Adryan Consultant Project Engineers:

  • Compliance & Validation
  • Asset Management
  • GMP
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Software validation
  • Cleaning validation.