Bart Kaptein

Bart Kaptein is a Senior Process Engineer at Adryan Consultants.

What I like the most about Adryan Consultants is the open culture and the flexible approach to match their consultants to their client’s needs.

Bart Kaptein

Bart is working at Adryan Consultants as a Senior Process Engineer. He studied Chemical Engineering at the Technical University of Eindhoven.

His first job was Process Operator at the pilot plant of DSM Andeno in Venlo, which produced specialty chemicals and ingredients for the Pharmaceutical industry. His second job was at an engineering company. After a couple of years he returned to the Pharmaceutical industry and started working at Solvay Pharmaceuticals (currently Abbott) as Project Engineer and later on as Process Engineer. After 6 years he moved to Sanquin Plasmaproducts as Process Engineer. Then Bart made a career move to engineering again and moved to KH engineering as Process Engineer performing projects in various industries like the (Petro-)Chemical industry and Food industry, but also projects in the Pharmaceutical industry.

Since 2013 Bart is working at Adryan Consultants. With his extensive working experience he played a major role in developing the starting company to the company Adryan Consultants is right now: a company that can offer highly skilled professionals for a wide range of customers in the Pharmaceutical, High-end Food and Oil, Gas & Chemicals industries.

Bart’s ability to understand the client’s needs, his passion for engineering and his pragmatic approach highly contributes to the success of the projects he is working on.


Examples of the expertise of Bart Kaptein and other Adryan Consultant Process Engineers:

  • Engineering
  • API production
  • GMP
  • Commissioning
  • Concept Development