Compliance & Validation

Antonie Vonk

Antonie Vonk is a Senior Consultant  at Adryan Consultants.

What I like about working at Adryan Consultants is that the company it is not hierarchical and the flexibility in your work. There is an open atmosphere and the working conditions are good.

Antonie Vonk

Antonie studied Chemical Technology at the HTS of Leeuwarden and Enschede, The Netherlands. He started his career as a Research Associate at Norit. After a couple of years he started working in the Pharmaceutical industry. First as a Metrology Engineer at VABH, later as a Quality Manager at Lapis Lazuli where he set up a quality system for medical devices Class 2B and OEM certified 10 medical device Class 2B products.  He joined Xendo as (Senior) Metrology Engineer, Project Lead and Senior Consultant for nine years.

After that, Antonie worked for one year as a Validation Manager at Nobilon in Boxmeer, The Netherlands. After the merger with Intervet he was QA Team Lead at Intervet (MSD Animal Health) for almost two years. Via Actemium he later joined Adryan Consultants as a Senior Consultant.

Antonie has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has worked in QA departments as Validation Manager, Senior QA Officer and QA Team Lead and as Senior Validation Engineer, Validation Lead and Project Manager in engineering departments. According to Antonie validation is very important to ensure that utilities, facilities and production equipment as well as production processes are efficient and compliant.

Antonie also has a lot of experience in the field of troubleshooting and maintenance management. It gives him great satisfaction to help others in providing solutions to problems. He likes projects where he can manage small groups of people, where he can give on-the-job-training and coach people by transferring his knowledge and experience to employees. Antonie’s strengths are that he is pragmatic, hands on and he has good knowledge of guidelines.


Examples of the expertise of Antonie Vonk and other Adryan Consultant consultants:

  • Compliance driven
  • Result driven
  • Compliance & Validation
  • Project management
  • Medical devices & (Bio-) Pharmaceuticals.